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Welcome to my gallery. Everything you see inside will not hurt your eye, but it might going to shake your sense. :iconrenkoistrollingplz:

Currently doing fanarts more often. :meow:


Cool Down by Cyber-Meta
Cool Down
No idea for the tittle. I keep smashing this keyboard. Public PC never so comfortable :iconnikki-angryplz:

Anyway winter is already here. Yes, no snow in my place, buh I'm happy that this place won't be so much hot anymore. But no idea why people so depressed on the cool times like the end of year :iconvalendorfthinkingplz: Most of them were triggered by fighting with people you cared, so I'm making what I'm feeling in this short comic. BTW I'm feeling the same with Yuuka //shot
Okvlt Soggg by Cyber-Meta
Okvlt Soggg
This is local meme that spreads on local internet for long time ago :U You can search by google "Kvlt Soggg" or something. But remember this is local.

The idea is the person on the meme photoshopped himself as Sunset, replaces all U to V, B to GGG, G to 666 and such. I think this affiliates to underground music, satanic or yada yada, so I don't really care with the meme.
Yes, I meant I'll be less on from now on :iconraze-okayplz: This stupid person accidentally broke her own modem and it won't working anymoar :iconmingtearsplz: I can still post arts on the public internet rental though just like old days xD It's somehow better that way, but I cannot grasp any update anymore :U

OK, signed out
  • Mood: Scared
  • Listening to: Teletubies
Pocky by Cyber-Meta
For belated pocky day. Whatever, I'm a heavy procrastinator :U And I'm also have drawings to finish ASAP. Why must so many events happened so contagiously :iconraze-okayplz: I still want to play Megaman X... I just download MMX 6 ISO and I cheated the armor //novastriked

And yes, that's cucumber pocky. Cucumber rules

Nitori: *holdspockywithhermouth* :iconnitorirapefaceplz:
Enna: What are you doing bothering me from reading? o-o
Nitori: Come on! Let's do this pocky game! :heart:
Enna: Why me!? And why is that green? I've never seen that. =_=
Nitori: It's cucumber cream! I let you have the full cream side, so quick! >w<
Enna: Still why me... And why must cucumber, it'll taste bitter... .-.

Yeah I support this codename or whatever the crossover pairing named is. Since Touhou's lack of dudes. Now for the lunch~
Ennarcia Deisler & Mana Khemia 2 (c) GUST
Nitori Kawashiro & Touhou (c) ZUN
It's Raining by Cyber-Meta
It's Raining
Yeah, it started to rain. xD I'm glad that I can prove I'm not live on strange planet lul. :iconpffftplz:

Sakuya from 2hu and Whim from Mana Khemia. It is fun to know MK2 casts pretty much resemble to EoSD casts :iconraze-thinkingplz: And MK1 casts resemble to SA casts. :iconparseetrollfaceplz:
Yes, I meant I'll be less on from now on :iconraze-okayplz: This stupid person accidentally broke her own modem and it won't working anymoar :iconmingtearsplz: I can still post arts on the public internet rental though just like old days xD It's somehow better that way, but I cannot grasp any update anymore :U

OK, signed out
  • Mood: Scared
  • Listening to: Teletubies


Cyber-Meta's Profile Picture
Namenloses Licht
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Assalamualaikum. Yo the name is *censored*, just call me "whatever" you pleased because I got so many nicknames... Rose, Meta, Chi, Parsee, Paru, Nikki and Alice... The last two I got because of my avatar :iconaliceisannoyedplz: Just call me as you pleased, or give me new nickname if you want. :iconnikki-hmmplz: Maybe I'm a good roleplayer..

When I faved your picture, don't bother to come just to say thanks. Or face the consequence :icondanzaiplz: Scrolling down and load my page till you're tired :iconmingplz: Seriously, just consider that is worth to be faved, I like to fave and run :iconmarisaspinplz:

I'm a total mouse user. :la: But sometimes you can found me posting sketches. ;P You can gave me any critiques because I believe that is how I could improve. :iconraze-plz: But you see, I have no talent and there are limits on my style. :iconraze-okayplz: But in each day I tried to be the better than before. :D And I draw by mood. :I That means I draw when I feel like to and I gotta finish them before my mood expired, so I hardly take request from people unless there are feedback. :iconvayne-hmmplz: Well, more like I can accept art trade and commish more often. ^^; But you need to wait until I got the mood, so you may need to finish yours first. :iconnikki-worriedplz:

I'm Indonesian, yet I'm not that proud. But doesn't mean I'm slacking off to be a good resident. It's because "pride" is the most factor of doom. And also because I think rather than ask what did your nation give you, you should ask what did you give to you nation. I want to make my Country proud because they have me without being proud with my nationality. :iconnikki-happyplz: Wherever am I, I'm in God's creation universe anyway.

What Ace Attorney Character Are You?
What Ace Attorney Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Case Closed Character Are You?
What Case Closed Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Kamen Rider Are You?
What Kamen Rider Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Which Naruto Character Are You?
Which Naruto Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
<img border="0" src="…" alt="What Type of
What Style Fits You?
What Style Fits You?
Hosted By Anime
What Genre Of Manga Are You?
What Genre Of Manga Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
Hosted By Anime
SmartySmarty quizYour smart girl of the school ,but before you think of yourself as a nerd here this. You aren't a nerd to start, your actually pretty hot and very moe. You are the one with the high honor student level grades and the one that your friends always go to for answers. You play a small part usually the explanation parts ,but your moe figure usually makes your fanbase exceptionally big.……………

Personal Quote:
"People don't make me mad, but I do make they mad, so problem?" :icontrollfaceplz:
"Lover gotta love and hater gotta hate, but between those are lied Human Dinosaur" :icontrollfaceplz:
"Friends accept you whoever you are, but best friends are those who tried their best to make yourself better" :iconharpdarpplz:
"Befriend with the fools if you want to be the smartest" :iconmingplz:
1.Man Jadda Wa Jada
[Siapa yang bersungguh-sungguh akan berhasil]

2.Man Shobaro Zafiro
[Siapa yang bersabar akan beruntung]

3.Man Saaro 'Alaa Darbi Washola
[Siapa yang berjalan di jalur-Nya akan sampai]

Stamps :iconayarapefaceplz:
Memes don't really describe me :iconmingplz:
Y U NO FAV STAMP? by kalot3000Yao Ming (Meme)-Stamp by Karu12You dont say stamp by Ilona-the-SinisterTroll Guy Stamp by Dendera23butthurt by HowTheHellDidYou

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis stamp by SailorMoonAndSonicX

Flandre Scarlet Stamp by Aka-YuukiSTAMP: Marisa Kirisame by mobbostampsSTAMP: Remilia Scarlet by mobbostampsSTAMP: Patchouli Knowledge by mobbostampsSTAMP: Alice Margatroid by mobbostampsSTAMP: Aya Shameimaru by mobbostampsSTAMP: Koishi Komeiji by mobbostampsSTAMP: Rumia by mobbostampsSTAMP: Satori Komeiji by mobbostampsSTAMP: Hong Meirin by mobbostampsSTAMP: Chen by mobbostampsSTAMP: Yukari Yakumo by mobbostampsI Heart Touhou Music Stamp by CyclopsHimeSTAMP: Wriggle Nightbug by mobbostampsTeam 9 stamp by ZerebosSuwako Moriya stamp by ZerebosCirno stamp by ZerebosShikieiki Yamaxanadu stamp by ZerebosYukkuri Shiteitte ne Stamp by Kingdar

"Wumbo" Stamp by rubynragsUgly barnacle stamp by ARTic-WeatherPatrick by AdrianaFilipstamp - patrick and mayonnaise by betsyamparanPatrick loves you by ARTic-WeatherDEUUEAUGH Stamp by ARTic-WeatherPatrick's Glasses Stamp by laprasking40 Lashes Stamp by lapraskingstamp03 by BahiQ8-stockThe Epitome of Not Lameness by azianwolfdollPuppets Stamp by hoshi-mizuTo Do List Stamp by lapraskingMermaidman + Barnacleboy Stamp by lapraskingPatrick star by So-ghislaineSquidward Imagination Stamp by lapraskingPatrick LEEDLE LEEDLE LEE by SakuraHaruno1315Patrick Star - It's 3AM by SakuraHaruno1315The Chocolate Guy by Fyi-SusWe have tecnology... by Shiro-RedfieldTroll in Bikini Bottom by Fyi-SusHot Spongebob and Patrick by Fyi-SusWanted: by Fyi-SusSpongebob stamp by LedMaidenPUT SOME CLOTHES ON SQUIDDY by crazylaura64Stamp - Spongebob 1 by YukiMizunoSpongebob and the gang by Fyi-Sus… <-- Emotes by Yasu-san :iconaliceisgladplz:

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